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08/23/09 07:59 PM #32    

William E. (Bill) Woodall (1961)

I would like to thank John Bonner, Hampton Whittington, and the rest of the BHS Combined Reunion committee for a class act.

Bill Woodall

08/23/09 09:42 PM #33    

Sue Lewis (Lewis) (1962)

What a fabulous weekend we had attending the BHS Combined Reunion. We rekindled memories of our wonderful days at Benson High School. The participation was great, and the leadership of this event, Hampton and Johnny, was excellent. It was classy, fun, and well received by all. After having a wonderful evening at the reception, I would like to share that on Saturday morning, 8/22/09, I went to my computer to check the day's happenings. As my Yahoo Home Page came up, the leading story was: 10 BEST CITIES TO GROW UP IN U.S. Friends, I did not need to read the article because I already knew the best place in the U.S. to grow up, and you do also. Of course, to all of us, it was BENSON, N.C. I am very proud to say that I grew up in Benson. One comment made to me was that the event on Friday evening had a very "sweet spirit", and it surely did. Everyone was so excited to see their friends and classmates from years past. Thank you to everyone who participated. We will treasure these memories forever.

Sue & Tony Lewis

08/24/09 08:48 AM #34    

Brenda Hardee (Honeycutt) (1971)

I would like to thank everyone who was involved in this reunion effort. It was terrific seeing so many friends and classmates that I had not seen in a long time. I do hope this is just the beginning of something that will continue for a long time yet. Thanks again to everyone. Wonderful weekend. Brenda

08/24/09 08:49 AM #35    

Pat Langdon (Carter) (1963)

What a wonderful and fun-filled week end from beginning to end! Many thanks to the reunion committee for all the hard work. Was it my imagination or were there reunion T-shirts for sale in the grove? The deluge came before I was able to see and I would like to purchase one if they exist.
Pat Langdon Carter

08/24/09 01:08 PM #36    

Phil Byrd (1970)

Despite a little bit of in-climate weather on Saturday, Heaven smiled on the little town of Benson and those of us that gathered there this past weekend for the Benson High School combined class reunion.

We are truly blessed to have been raised in a community that caused us to want to return and for a brief time, share such deep feelings of belonging. To have the opportunity, once again to be in the place where we were nurtured by family, friends, teachers and community was a special gift from those that conceived and brought to being the combined reunion of Benson High School students.

Some would say that as we gathered to reminisce about the past we are trying in vain to relive days gone by. I would say instead, we are longing to return to a lifestyle that is simpler, slower, and more secure and that we value the past and desire to keep alive the spirit that makes us who we are. Much of that spirit came from Benson High School and the community that supported and attended it. We cannot erase the events of those years from our memories any more than we can change our genetic make-up. We are the sum of all the events of our lives and we gathered to pay tribute to the good times that we remember and cherish. For some of us who are no longer a part of the Benson community, this past weekend we were able to acknowledge a period of time and a spirit that had slipped into our distant past and regrettably, has almost been replaced by events that have occurred and relationships we have formed in different places beyond Benson.

The Benson community has much to be proud of, as was evidenced by those who returned and those who have remained to keep the spirit and traditions of small town America alive.

The reunion was a most memorable event.

Phil Byrd
Of the Class that would have been BHS 1970

08/24/09 04:54 PM #37    

Becky Bonds (Redd) (1969)

My feelings about this weekend are the same as everyone elses. Thanks to all the planning committee for putting this great time together. I enjoyed seeing all my classmates as well as all the other people in the classes below mine. For the people that did not come, I am so sorry that you missed this opportunity. They don't come along too often.

08/24/09 05:28 PM #38    

Horace Johnson (1969)

I commend all those who participated in planning and directing the reunion this past weekend. It was a job exceptionally well done. Thanks for your effort!

08/24/09 08:03 PM #39    

David Haller (1957)

I concur with all the responses about a successful reunion.
Many thanks to all those who planned and carried it out.
Message to those who did not attend. Sign up for the next
one and be there for an experience you will never forget.
David Haller, Class Of 57.

08/24/09 09:54 PM #40    

Glenda Norris (Johnson) (1956)

Our sincere thanks to all the people who put their heart and soul into making this reunion a memory we will savor forever! It was so much fun, so emotional and so nostalgic and SO FABULOUS!!!!!

Every event was better than than we ever imagined and we've decided to move to Benson if you can have that
much entertainment on that amount of money. Let us know
if contributions are needed.


Glenda Norris Johnson '56
Rollins Johnson '55

08/25/09 12:03 AM #41    

Dura Barbour (Calcote) (1958)

Thanks to Hampton and John for organizing this special event! This was a trip down memory lane, which was quite nostalgic. I really enjoyed the fellowship at our planning meetings, as well as the Reunion events. I know that those who did not or could not attend will regret it. It was a fabulous two days, the food was wonderful, the music was fantastic and everyone seemed to be having a blast. I would like to thank Tony Woodall, Gary Moore, John Woodall and the others who played in the band Friday night, because the music was awesome! Thanks also to Noela Auman Woodall, food and decorating committee, Gerald Byrd for tent setup and Loretta Honeycutt Byrd for badges as well as a host of other things.

I will always cherish the High School friends and acquantainces and I look forward to the next time we meet!

Dura Barbour Calcote
Class of 1958

08/25/09 04:04 PM #42    


Doug Strickland (1963)

It was a real BLAST for me even though I wasn't able to attend the 'prom'. Special thanks and commendations to all who had anything to do with the planning of this special event, including my class reps, Johnny Allen and Edith Hardee McDaniel, but especially John and Hampton for spearheading it. It was really a special event!

08/25/09 06:02 PM #43    

Lennis Ray Lee (1961)

Our Children would call this an awesome and "cool" event! As an alumni of Benson's most rival school, Meadow, I must say you have outdone us on this One! I thoroughly enjoyed watching my husband, Lennis, reminisce and renew old friendships. I do love to take pictures so...hope to share those with you soon. I know how much work is involved with a small reunion, so thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, to ALL who made this BIG one possible! Judy & Lennis Lee

08/26/09 10:52 AM #44    

Kathy Benson (Lancaster) (1968)

How lucky were we to have attended BHS? This question was answered this past weekend by the huge turnout Friday night, Saturday at the Grove and Saturday night.
The weekend did just what we envisioned. It gave us time to visit, catch up, remember those who are not with us any more, but best of all we were able to see so many classmates. I hope that the weekend will focus more attention back to the Benson community.
The planning was easy and now that we're organized another reunion will be relatively easy.
So class of 1968.... keep in touch and hopefully we can do this again.
Thanks again to Hampton, John and Loretta for all your work.

Kathy Benson Lancaster

08/26/09 06:35 PM #45    

Sandra Louise Byrd (Corbett) (1966)

I have had a lot of people saying "I've never heard of having a class reunion like Benson is having". But it was the best reunion I've ever attended. Thanks to all that helped with it.

08/26/09 10:13 PM #46    

Ray Nell Eason (Pearsall) (1957)

Ditto thanks to the leadership and members of the planning and implementation committee. I am sad for those who could not attend and missed this wonderful experience.

I also thank God for Mr. Barefoot and all the dedicated teachers we had over the years. I wish all the children today could have the "family" experience we had at BHS.

The combined reunion far exceeded my expectations.

08/26/09 11:04 PM #47    

Glenn Stuart (1967)

Wow! What an awesome two days it was! Thanks to all who worked so hard to make it happen. Job well done! It was so great seeing so many friends I haven't seen in so long, some even since graduation. One special highlight was touring the old school and thinking back to the days we walked those halls and sat in those classrooms. Yvonne, Kelly, David Penny, my wife and myself toured the elementary part of the school and had fun remembering which teacher taught in which classroom. I enjoyed helping Yvonne remember our school fight song (ha)! Starting with the Friday night reception to the BBQ on Sat. (great food and entertainment) to the prom night (North Tower was great) was nothing short of magnificent. So many wonderful memories that I will always cherish. I surely look forward to doing it again in the future, but let's do it sooner than later. GO BLUE PHANTOMS!!!

08/28/09 10:54 AM #48    

Gloria Miller (Matthews) (1969)

I certainly agree with everything everyone has said in this forum as well as the comments I've heard in talking with others. My brothers and sister all agreed with me....we could hardly sleep Friday and Saturday nights....just thinking of all the people we'd seen, all the things we've been through since high school, all the classmates who have passed away. I missed my deceased husband Charles so much being there with us all. It was one of the most important part of our lives growing up in Benson, although many of us are so removed from it now. I challenge everyone to stay in touch with as many people as you can.....just an email once in a while, a phone call...a prayer rememberance.
Gloria Miller Matthews

08/28/09 10:17 PM #49    

Kelly Ann Joseph (Smaha) (1970)

Thankyou, Hampton and Johnny, and all of the committe members for making the Benson Reunion so much fun. What a memory. Benson was so good to me,and to my siblings, Yvonne, Janet and Kelly Jr. Having a chance to go back home and visit with all of the Benson folks was a total high. Friday night was like a dream seeing people I have not seen in 35 or more years. The picnic and visiting different classes was great. Touring the school was a lot of laughs, and prom night was too much fun. Benson, you rock! Thank you again.

08/31/09 05:12 PM #50    

Mary Susan Wood (Royster) (1960)

I can't stop smiling!!!!Benson was our home, our family, our life. The reunion showed how blessed we were. Thank you, committee members, for all that you did to make it such an incredible event.

08/31/09 07:12 PM #51    

Dean Barbour (Benson) (1969)

The Combined Class Reunion was a wonderful experience. Not only did I enjoy seeing my classmates of 1969, but also all the people from other classes that I had not seen in a long time. I really appreciate the hard work and long hours that went into planning and organizing such a BIG event. Thank You...Thank You...Thank You Johnny and Hampton for heading this up and to all the representatives from the many classes who gave of their time and talents to make sure all the events went off without a hitch. And Thank You Town of Benson for your support in this endeavor. I'm so proud to have graduated from Benson High School!!!!

Dean Barbour Benson
BHS Class of 1969

09/01/09 03:13 PM #52    

Jenny Johnson (Wiggins) (1970)

Thanks to Johnny, Hampton and the committee for organizing the Combined Benson Reunion. It was evident that many, many hours of planning and work went into the events. I greatly appreciate what everyone did. I also enjoyed the web site, reading the classmate profiles, and listening to the music. Thanks for the memories.

Jenny Johnson Wiggins
Class of 1970

09/01/09 03:19 PM #53    

Carole Strickland (Robbins) (1961)

Thanks, thanks, thanks to all the members of the reunion team who spent incredible hours and lots of hard work putting this reunion event together. It was wonderfully organized and orchestrated. Your hard work paid off in so many ways. I had not seen some of my classmates since our graduation day in 1961, so this event meant so very much. It was an incredible journey back in time. What a privilege to be able to go back and touch a part of who we were 48 years ago.

I hope to be there in 2011 for an encore!!

Carole Strickland Robbins

09/04/09 03:16 PM #54    

Bonnie Parrish (Lassiter) (1965)

I had a great time at the reunion. Thanks to everyone who had a part in planning and setting up the venues. This reunion brought lots of memories and smiles to everyone who attended. As they say in the Hallmark commerical that is priceless.

09/07/09 08:46 AM #55    

Beth Denning (Rogers) (1967)

Thanks to all BHS alumni who came and shared the weekend with us. It was great to see so many old friends--those from 67 as well as family friends. Seeing all of you brought back memories that I shared with David, who would have had a blast! Just a note: take time to share a little more time with your siblings! Thanks to classmates who have sent notes, cards and pictures since the weekend! Thanks to those who spearheaded the reunion for making it worth coming for those out of state. Who would want to plan a small one again after one like this?? Classmates who missed the reunion? Stay in touch to be included in the next one. It is surely worth the time and effort to return to Benson for a weekend. Thanks to those who took the time to tour the old building! Stay in touch!

09/12/09 08:44 PM #56    

Jimmy Woodall (1971)

John,Hampton and everyone else that had a part in putting this event together did a great job. I was able some old friends that I doubt I would have ever been able to see again had it not been for the reunion. I didn't make it to the events other than the one at the Grove but everyone that I talked with said the others were great aswell. My hat is off to all of You that worked so hard to put this on and I hope there will be another one soon.I send You all many Thanks. Jimmy Woodall

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